Fusion Enterprises

We've been around for over a decade and still going strong, during that time we've done a lot and helped many make their way through EVE Online. Why not see what we can offer you?


Fusion is a mixed corp but we have some substantial experience fighting. We've done everything from small scale to major fleet battles and have been part of some of EVE's biggest and best known PvP alliances. Just because we've decided to take a more relaxed approach to the game does not mean we have laid down our guns.


From day one Fusion has had an industrial backbone, we understand that to fight you need to be able to stock you corp and its allies with the tools of war. We welcome people into corp who can to help ensure our corp remains self-sufficient but still maintaining the relaxed atmosphere that keep it fun and engaging for all.

What we do

Fusion is a varied corp that suits a lot of different play styles. We are primarily a null sec corporation and have no operations in empire due to regular war decs but we can offer:

Fleet Warfare

We've engaged in some of EVE's biggest fights and wars over the last few years. A large portion of the corp was present for the fall of the first Keepstar in M-OEE8

Roaming Fleeting

Why not join one of the roaming fleets and see what you can catch - you never know what you'll find, you might end up in a Super Capital verse Procurer fight in Goonswarm space!


For all of you roid hounds out there there's plenty in our home system to keep you busy and we even buy it off you.


We've got Stations and Citadels waiting for your industry jobs.

Wormhole Operations

Whilst not our main source of fun we do have a small group of people that like to "jaunt through the old orifice" every now and again.

Planetary Production

Dozens of worlds ready and waiting for you to strip bare.

What we look for in new recruits

  • Pilots with null experience very desirable, but not necessary.
  • FCs very welcome, both those with experienced and wanting to try it out
  • Minimum 6 weeks ingame and 5 million skillpoints.
  • Unfortunately, we are currently only accepting Omega characters

What we ask of you

Whilst we are a fairly laid back corporation we do expect a certain level of activity from our members either through PvP or industrial activities.
  • The ability to fly either decently tanked battleship (eg Dominix or Tempest) or a T2 fitted Procurer
  • Some degree of self-sufficiency, whilst we work together as a corp there will be times where you need to be able to operate on your own
  • Logistics pilots and FCs (experienced or not) are very welcome
  • We do require a Full API for all characters up on applying to join
For alpha clones and people new to the game we applaud your desire to move to null sec but we strongly recommend you look into entities who are geared up specifically to help you. There are plenty of organisations and helpful information out there but to get you started check out these links:

How to Apply

Firstly join our in game chat channel "PUBLICFUSEN" and come talk to us, blindly joining a corp is a never a good idea but our recruiters are happy to have a chat and let you get a feel of what is to come. If after your chat with our recruiters you still want to join you need to register with our SeAT Service and complete the application form. There is a how to guide located here