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New to FUSEN

Welcome to Fusion Enterprises Ltd! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

You have gone through our application process and are now at a big turning point in your EvE career. You will be moving to new space, with new rules, making new friends along the way and this guide is set out to make it as smooth a transition as possible.

Most, if not all, of the links below will require you join corp first, and possibly wait 10-30 minutes for it to update.

Your New Home

FUSEN is a member of Pandemic Horde, who live across Perrigen Falls, The Kalevala Expanse, and nearby regions. Both our corporation and alliance are staged in MJ-5F9. The corporation also rents a number of systems which are only open to FUSEN members, you can find these in the corp MOTD in-game.

As a new member, the most important thing to bear in mind is that you should ask for help if you need it! Asking in corp discord is often easiest. If you are having issues with accessing corp discord, join the public discord with this link.

The Horde Standing Fleet often responds to any intel reported and you can ask for help in the fleet channel if tackled, however there is no guarantee you will be saved. Before using capitals in our space for ratting or mining, you must apply to PANKRAB, which is the fleet which provides our supercapital umbrella.

Required read before you make ISK in alliance space: Horde Isk Making Rules, Areas, and Industry Areas

Relevant guides for living in our space:

Horde Information MegathreadHorde New Arrivals Primer

Note: You may need to register on Horde Auth to see these guides.

Your New Friends

Joining a corp is a social experience and by talking with others in the corp you will learn fast. We use two programs for communication: Mumble and Discord.

You must set up:

FUSEN Discord Used as our corp comms, for pinging corp ops and making important announcements within FUSEN.

Horde Discord Used for pinging alliance PVP, making alliance announcements and for general alliance discussion.

Horde Mumble Used for talking to others in corp and alliance. A mic is not required but you should be on there/corp discord (Or in the relevant fleet channel) while out in space. The Fusion Enterprises Ltd channel is not currently used, we use the voice channel in our discord instead.

Note: If the Horde Discord and Mumble services are not available to you, wait up to 30 minutes and try again.

Finding Information

Alliance information:

Horde Forums Contains alliance-specific information covering a wide range of topics in a forum format.

Corp Information:

FUSEN Wiki Where you are now. Contains a large amount of up to date information; browse it with the Sitemap.

Corp Bulletin & Corp Welcome Mail (In-Game) Has information on travelling around our space, ADMs, buyback, hangars and more.

Your New Enemies

We are members of Pandemic Horde, not renters, so we fight to defend our space. Here is a reminder of our PvP requirements:

  • Ensure you set up Horde Circle so you can be tracked on fleets. Each time a fleet is tracked (“honked”), yellow text will show in the fleet MOTD. You must get 6 honks per month to stay in corp, unless you have requested LOA.
  • You must attend any high level stratops or CTAs that occur while you are online (these may be called 'Red' or 'Gold Pen', with standard fleets being 'White Pen'. If you missed one that is currently going on, try to catch up and do not go out to krab (make isk).
  • You should train towards fleet doctrines (see below).

In fleets you cannot simply fly any old ship, instead we use doctrines, which are sets of specifically fitted ships which work well together. In order to find what doctrines should be where and what they include, see here.

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